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Below are some commonly asked questions about MDL’s operation, unique features and advantages for your facility: provides an easy-to-use, transparent marketplace for buyers and sellers, enabling hospitals and surgery centers to save money, maximize profits and focus on their core mission of patient care. members can list idle medical device inventory for sale to other qualified members on the secure platform. Members may quickly and easily search for items to purchase.  Members are encouraged to establish “wish lists” of medical devices they currently use, and will be notified by email when those items become available from other members.

A Buyer may purchase items from multiple sellers in a single transaction. will notify each seller, and will track each item until it reaches the Buyer. Upon satisfactory receipt by the buyer the purchase funds are released to the Seller.

Buyers and sellers may ask questions of each other and communicate anonymously on the platform through its chat room and email notification system.  Only after a price is agreed upon and purchase paid are the identities of the members revealed.

To become a member of you must be a licensed and accredited hospital or surgical center. Simply fill out the qualification forms, read and accept the Terms of use, and will review your application. Most applications are processed within 24 hours and members can begin trading immediately thereafter.

There is no charge for members to list inventory for sale or to browse items to purchase. Only on a completed transaction is a service fee charged to the seller.  That charge is deducted from the transaction amount.

On a completed transaction, a service fee is charged to the seller.  That charge is deducted from the transaction amount.

Within 3 days following the receipt of the item, the buyer may reject the product by notifying and returning the product to the seller. The buyer’s funds will then be refunded in full. If has not been notified after the 3 days, the product will be deemed acceptable and the transaction complete with release of funds, less’s service fee to the Seller.

The administrator from your hospital can determine access to the site, add additional users, and set individual user permission levels and passwords.

Yes, the site is certified SSL secure and no financial transaction information is retained within the site.

Users may add items not in the database.  When entering such items (after clicking on “Item not listed”) certain required information about the items will be requested.  The item will be reviewed by for approval to assure the items meet’s standards and parameters as described in the “Terms of Use.”  Most applications for new listings are processed within 24 hours.

Items chosen will remain in the cart for 24 hours, after which they will be returned to the inventory as “Listed Items”.

It is the manufacturers’ responsibility to see that all recalled products are removed from the marketplace, regardless of their location. Manufacturers and the FDA post all relevant information on medical device product status at the FDA site:

All transactions are tracked through the built-in email messaging system and order tracking and shipment tracking systems.

Yes, in various locations Sellers and Buyers can attach shipment and product information that stays with the transaction, such as budget, cost center, or department ID’s.

MDL accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. MDL encourages its members to consider ACH, wire transfer arrangements.

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