MDL Medical

How it Works


If you are an accredited hospital, surgical center, or other health provider facility, you are eligible.

-       There is no cost to join

-       Just go to our registration page, fill in the information, and agree to the Terms of Use


With a few key strokes you can list that idle inventory that is clogging your store room and making a negative impact on your budget. Even if you don’t have items to list right now, you still are permitted to shop.

-       Identify items to sell

-       Set the quantity, lot number, expiration date (if applicable), and desired price

-       MDL support staff can help and you’ll be up and running in under 30 minutes


Before you spend thousands of dollars on products from traditional sources go to the MDL inventory and choose from thousands of brand new, non-expired products stored in accredited hospitals and other health care facilities.

-       Search for specific items by manufacturer, lot number, etc. or

-       Build a list of regularly-purchased items and be notified automatically when they become available


After selecting an item, members can anonymously:

-       Confirm a price or ask for extra discounts

-       Ask questions of the Seller


Purchase through our easy to use, checkout process.

-       Select from the approved methods of payment

-       The selling institution ships the product to you and you have 3 calendar days to check the item packaging and make sure it is the item you ordered

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